The Truth about Bad Credit Auto Leads

Beautiful 20s driving a roadsterEvery business needs to meet a certain amount of sales to keep their doors open. For auto dealerships, this is especially true. Auto dealerships rely heavily on foot traffic. Tire kickers, people passing by and of course the occasional loyal customer, are all part of an auto dealerships customer base. But a dealership cannot rely solely on this type of foot traffic. This is the reason they market and advertise. With his recent explosion over the last few years online, social media, web search and e-mail have worked their way into every dealership’s marketing strategy. There’s even been a rise in paid leads surfacing from the web and many dealerships are taking advantage of this. With this rise of leads coming from the web, has also come many new special finance needs. Some dealerships seem to shy away from the special finance borrowers. But they do so at their own risk. This explosion in the market is huge. Ignoring it is just bad business. Just because these new borrowers don’t have perfect credit doesn’t mean they can’t buy a car. In fact they can buy a car, they can be financed and they will do both either at your dealership or another. The fact is the financial crisis left this all with many new wounds. Some of these wounds are financial and lenders understand this. In fact many of lenders prefer these types of borrowers. This may not of been the case several years ago, but this market is just too big. It has become profitable for everyone involved and lenders don’t want to be left out. So the real question is “what about dealerships?” Dealerships can hire companies to supply them with the special finance leads. These leads are plentiful, they’re ready to buy and lenders love them. Many dealerships are catching on to this and developing special finance departments, in-house. Instead of chasing after overqualified buyers (that leave little left to desire of any deal) dealerships are doing the smart thing and moving to where the volume is. Dealerships with a direct line to subprime auto leads are proving again and again that these leads create the perfect market. Dealerships that have managed to combine special finance leads with regular leads seem to be doing very well also. They manage to get the best of both worlds by not focusing so much on perfection and moving more towards helping both sides of the market. The key here is to find the best. Chances are your dealership already has the best walk-in traffic because this is typically done organically through local advertising. What you need now is to hire the right company for special finance lead generation. The generation process is perhaps the most important part of it all. The company generating the leads has to be sure to collect all available information. Leads need to be related, contextual and timely. This is how you match your company to the lead generator that best suits your needs. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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