The Benefits of using Direct Auto Leads Program

Direct Auto LeadsDirect Auto LeadsWe understand and appreciate dealership caution in spending their advertising budget with Direct Auto Leads.  The fact that our closing ratios have been better than the industry standard is what makes us the most proud.  At Direct Auto Leads we won’t produce massive volumes for your store, as we focus much more on “Real Car Buyers”, and putting a quality lead in front of our dealerships partners. Also the great thing about Direct Auto Leads we have put our money where our mouth is because all of our agreements have ZERO cancellation periods, no minimums; so we will gladly battle against any of our competition! Our Programs offer dealers a simple cost effective way to receive “Real Car Buyers” customers within their market. We specialize in effective online marketing methods to generate customers looking for finance in our dealer’s area. So as a dealer partner of Direct Auto Leads you will receive real time referrals from customers that are looking to buy vehicles. With the ever changing internet you have to stay ahead of the competition. Direct Auto Leads allows you to not only stay ahead with a direct connection with customers that are looking to purchase vehicles.  But also give your dealership a great ROI with our lead programs.

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