Why Auto Dealers Choose to Buy Direct Auto Leads

Buying auto leads enable auto dealerships to make sales and increase profits.  Direct Auto Leads contain relevant details about a prospective car buyer such as the name, address and contact details.  Hence, these leads make it very easy for dealers to contact a potential customer.  If the auto dealer pursues the lead and makes the right […]

Automotive Lead Providers Online

Automotive lead generation is not a new development.  It has been done for years, but it is only recently that auto dealerships are optimizing it to help them create sales.  The help of automotive lead providers are most crucial at this time since there are not a lot of customers walking into auto dealerships.  The recession […]

The Benefits of using Direct Auto Leads Program

We understand and appreciate dealership caution in spending their advertising budget with Direct Auto Leads.  The fact that our closing ratios have been better than the industry standard is what makes us the most proud.  At Direct Auto Leads we won’t produce massive volumes for your store, as we focus much more on “Real Car […]

The Truth about Bad Credit Auto Leads

Every business needs to meet a certain amount of sales to keep their doors open. For auto dealerships, this is especially true. Auto dealerships rely heavily on foot traffic. Tire kickers, people passing by and of course the occasional loyal customer, are all part of an auto dealerships customer base. But a dealership cannot rely […]

Shining the Light on Subprime Auto Leads

Subprime auto leads are often referred to as high risk and looked at as it non beneficial way to market. There is a reason subprime auto leads are also referred to as special finance leads. Yes, subprime auto leads are credit challenged. Yes, they are a credit risk. But that does not mean they cannot […]

What You Need to Know to Build a High Converting Special Finance Department

These days it’s absolutely necessary for all dealers to set up their own in-house special finance departments. As more and more millennial’s answer the market we have an and ever-growing group of non-prime buyers. These days it’s a necessity for all dealers to set up in-house special finance departments. As more and more millennial’s enter […]

All about Subprime Auto Leads

Potential car buyers have been using the internet to search for vehicles more and more over the past few years. For whatever reason, dealerships have yet to notice the full potential of these buyers. The fear for dealerships is of course due to the subprime nature of the buyer. Dealerships fear that because the lead […]

Buy Auto Finance Leads From Auto Lead Gen Companies

Lead generation companies have become popular as an effective means of marketing in the automotive industry.  These companies specialize in auto finance lead generation, and car dealers and lenders can easily buy the leads from them.  They also utilize Internet marketing strategies to promote their clients’ products and services and to generate leads.  However, not all lead […]

Boost Your Sales with Quality Car Finance Leads

Buying auto finance leads have made the lives of car dealers and lenders in finding prospective customers easier.  It saves car dealers and lenders time in approving a lead’s application.  Lead generation companies have their own screening process where all applications are evaluated and placed according to whose client’s criteria they have met.  Another advantage of buying […]

Tired of overpriced Subprime Auto Leads?

Car dealers succeed in business despite the economic crisis, and this is because of car dealer leads.  These leads are consumers who are in search of a vehicle as well as financing for the vehicle.  The names, addresses, contact details and other key information of these consumers come in the form of an auto lead, and […]