Pre-Screened Auto Loan Leads

ID-10084057In this competitive auto industry, providing consumers with auto loans before your competitor does is ever more important.  Car Dealers in today’s market have seen traffic drops of 50% or more. Keeping a stocked inventory is more difficult. Why waste thousands of dollars on TV ads in a certain zip code when less than .003% of that market is seeking an auto loan? Is your customer in the car buying process? Subprime Automotive leads or special finance leads offer all the information you’re looking for. With this, your company will be able to reach out to consumers near your store that are in the market and are ready to buy today!  Special finance leads provide dealerships with all of the information needed to make contact with the customers in their market. Since Direct Auto Leads pre-screens our automotive leads, they are of a higher quality and are only offered on a market by market basis. The best part of our subprime auto leads is that they will provide your team with a list of customers in your market that are ready to make a purchase right now today. Contact Direct Auto Leads today!

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